Setting up AOL via TCP/IP

    This page is to help those of our Widomaker users who wish to connect up to America On Line, through Widomaker. In order to make things simpler, we have included screen shots, from the AOL program. This will enable you to follow along with the pictures, as well as reading the instructions.

  1. Connect up to Widomaker
    The first step is to connect up to Widomaker. Just connect to us, the way you normally do. After you're connected to Widomaker, go ahead and minimize whatever dialer you're using. (so you can see your desktop)

  2. Open up your AOL Program
    Next, go ahead and open up the America On Line program. This is what your screen should look like:

  3. Click the Setup Button
    There are three (3) buttons in front of you. Click the one farthest to the left. This is the setup button. This will bring you into a screen that looks like this:

  4. Click the Edit Location Button
    There are now a number of buttons to the right. Click the very top one, which is the Edit Location button. You will now be on this screen:

  5. The Network Box
    In the Network box, click on the right arrow. Highlight TCP/IP, then click the save button. This will bring you back to the Choose Location box.

  6. Sign On to AOL
    You should be back to the screen you started on. All that's left to do now, is type in your password, and click the sign on button. You are now signed on to America On Line, through Widomaker Communications!!

    If you have followed these instructions and are still having problems, Please call us, or send an e-mail to: tech support with the problem and any error messages.

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