Email Addresses

Any email address has three basic parts:

  1. The name of the user, the "username";
  2. The name of the computer where the user's email account is located, the "hostname.";
  3. The @ or "at"; sign, separating the username from the hostname.

Here's an example using my email address:

gandwork is my account name, or username.
@ means my email account is "at" a particular host.
widomaker.com is the hostname of the computer where my emailbox is located.

widomaker.com is actually a computer sitting in the office here named wilma. This computer contains thousands of electronic mail accounts, also called "mailboxes". They receive and store your email until you log into an Widomaker POP and ask your mail program to check your mail.

Email addresses come in all shapes and sizes, but they always follow this format. The suffix at the end of the address indicates what kind of host server the user's account is on, or possibly what country the host server is located in. For example, your Widomaker email address ends in ".com". This indicates that Widomaker is a company. Other suffixes include:

.com          company                         
.gov          government                      
.mil          military                        
.org          non-profit organization
.ca           Canada 
.it           Italy 
.jp           Japan

Your email address will be your username followed by @widomaker.com If you give this address to anyone on the Internet, they'll be able to send you email.

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