There are several options for checking your Widomaker e-mail remotely...

  1. Use "telnet" to connect to "" (or Click here).  Log in.  Use the UNIX mail reader, "pine" to send and check your e-mail.  Info on using "pine" can be found at, "".  Windows 9x/NT has a built in telnet client.  Click START/RUN, type, "telnet", Click OK, log in, select the MAIL menu, select PINE.  This is the method I use and find works best.
  2. Install an e-mail client program (ie.  Eudora) on the computer you will be using.  Set it up for your address.  Use it to check and send your e-mail.  The SMTP server will need to be set for the ISP you are using.  The other settings (POP3) should be set for Widomaker.  Call for instructions in setting up Eudora.  Widomaker's mail server is, "".  Any e-mail you download using this option will be stored on the computer you are using and will not be waiting for you when you return home.
  3. Use a service like Yahoo Mail (  They have a feature called POPMAIL.  Using POPMAIL you can access your Widomaker e-mail acount remotely and check your mail using your web browser.
  4. You can try the webmail system that we are testing locally...

Eudora may be downloaded from Widomaker's web page, or from Eudora's web page,

For security reasons, be sure to change your Widomaker password when you return home.  Instructions can be found at, "".

A Java telnet client can be used, and is available at, "".