Setting up Pegasus Mail

Part I - Extracting the Files

  1. Go to Widomaker's Software page and download the self extracting file. Be sure you get the proper software for your system.

  2. After downloading the software the installer will ask a few questions. First click on the Setup button.

  3. Next you will be prompted to continue setup. Click on Contiue Setup button.

  4. You will be prompted to answer if installing Netware or Standalone. You should answer No Netware Support. (NOTE: Installing Netware Support is for Local Area Networks only!)

  5. You will now be prompted for a destination path. Most users should accept the default shown.

  6. You will now be prompted for a choice of the dictionary to use. Select Use the U.S. Enlish Dictionary by default.

  7. Pegasus Mail is now ready to install the program. Click on the button Install Pegasus Mail.

  8. Pegasus Mail should have successfuly completed. If it has click on the Exit button. If it hasn't carefully go back and reinstall.

Part II - Configuring the Program for the First Time

  1. Double-click on the Pegasus Mail Icon that was just created.

  2. You have three options to choose from:

    If you choose standalone only one mail box will be able to be setup. If you choose multiuser account more than one mail box will be set up. DO NOT choose the third option, which as stated above is for local area networks only.

  3. Confirm that the default mailbos path is the same as the destination path in Part I of the setup

  4. You will now add your users to the mail system.

  5. Simply click on the ADD button then fill in the username(this is your login name minus the ppp: So if you login with ppp:jdoe then your username will be jdoe) and your real name. Then click on the ok button. Make sure at least one user is given ADMINISTRATOR PRIVILEGES by checking the appropriate box (see John Doe's box below). The "administrator" will be able to add/delete/change other mailboxes later.

    John Doe, Administrator Privileges

    Jane Doe, Can not add/delete/change mail boxes in the future because she has no Administrator Privileges

    When you've finished adding users click on the close button.

  6. You will now be presented with the log in screen. Type your username and click OK.

  7. You will be greeted with a Network Configuration Screen that looks like the one shown below. Fill in the block as shown changing the username to your username and filling in your correct password. When you finished filling in the areas click on General Settings.

  8. At the General Settings screen fill in your default reply address changing the username to your username. When you have completed this screen click on the OK button. You will now receive 4 preloaded messages from the Author of Pegasus Mail.

  9. If you want to create a message click on the icon with the pen and paper (first one on the left) or select "FILE, NEW MESSAGE".

  10. If you ever need to change anything in the configuration got to "FILE, NETWORK CONFIGURATION" and follow the examples above.

Part III - Filters

    You can set up filters for incoming mail. The filters will look at the headers for each piece of mail and sort them to your specs. For example: You have an account, but your daughter, Lisa, sometimes receives mail through it. You can sort for any mail with Lisa in any part of the Header (Subject, To, From, ..).
  1. Just select the pull down menu FILE & New Mail Filtering
    Then select "add" or "edit rule",if you want to change an existing rule.

    Now select all the fields you want the sort to look into, with a check.
    • The "Contains field is the text to look for.
    • The field" Then do this: is for the action I wantto take when a piece of mail is found.

  2. When you choose move or copy it is going to ask you what folder you want this type of mail to go to. Pegasus will open its folder manager for you to select the destination. If you do not already have a folder created you can do this now. Just click new to create a new folder then type the name you want to give the folder. Such as Lisa's Mail, Work Related, or just about anything you want to categorize.

  3. After you are done select OK then you can add another rule or click save to save your new filters. That's it! Next time you get mail Pegasus will sort it for you and put it into the folders you set up.

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