How to move files to & from your www-docs directory.
  1. First you should obtain a FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client program. I like WS-FTP. Click on the link to go to the home page and download WS-FTP. Be sure to choose the correct version (Windows 3.1 [16 bit] or Win95 [32 bit]). Follow the instructions on the home page or included with the file to install the software. It's fairly self-explanatory.

  2. Download WS-FTP

  3. Next, create a session profile for Widomaker. Click on the "NEW" button and see the image below for an example. Replace "<username>" with your username or login-id. Fill in your login password. Click on the "SAVE" button to save the profile. You will use this profile from now on when transfering your hypertext files.

  5. Next, click OK in the "session profile" window to connect to "wilma.widomaker.com" using WS-FTP.
  6. The screen should be cut in half. The left window represents your computer and its hard disk drive contents. The right window represents the computer you're connected to (in this case Widomaker's computer named "wilma").
  7. By pointing your mouse & clicking you can change the directory on the LEFT window (LOCAL SYSTEM) to the directory on your computer that contains the hypertext documents and pictures you would like to put on Widomaker's Web Server. The botton section of each window (LEFT & RIGHT) will have the file names located in that directory (listed above the window).
  8. On the REMOTE SYSTEM window (RIGHT side of the screen), point & click to change the directory to the /www-docs directory.
  9. In either window by clicking on a file name once to highlight the file, & simply clicking on one of the arrows between the LEFT & RIGHT windows on the screen, WS-FTP copies the file to the opposite window (placing the file on the REMOTE or LOCAL computer).


    Take advantage of the HELP screens available within WS-FTP and please see the following pages for additional information or help with WS-FTP. 

    WS-FTP Online Support PageWS-FTP Home Page

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