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Welcome to Widomaker's home page. Widomaker is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) providing Internet access and other services (including V.90, & DSL) to Hampton Roads, The Middle Peninsula, Richmond, and surrounding areas in Virginia. Here you will find information, help, news, and much more. We can be reached by e-mail or by calling 757-253-7621.

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* 01/16/2020 - Email Planned Maintenance
     We have received notice of some upcoming ...
* 01/09/2020 - Limited Hours on, Thursday, January 9th, 2020
     We will be closed, for several hours, early ...
* 12/20/2019 - Upcoming Holiday Hours
     We hope that everyone has a happy and safe ...
* 12/16/2019 - Opening Late on, Monday, Dec. 16, 2019
     Our office will be opening late on, Monday, ...
* 12/06/2019 - Upcoming Emergency Maintenance Periods (E-mail Server)
     This announcement applies to customers with ...
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Featured Services

Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Get your website online.
Starting as low as $9.95/mo. Click here for details.
Email Hosting

Email Hosting

Starting at $4.95/mo. You can keep your email and have backup dialup service.

Home Services

Residential Services

All services for your home.
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Business Services

Business Services

All services for your Business.
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